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Park Impact Fees Are A Climbing

Clark County is proposing to raise its Park Impact Fees ("PIF's") and if approved, it would be the first increase in 13 years. PIF's are fees charged on construction of new residential housing to help pay for park acquisition and development.  Specifically, PIFs are collected on residential development to serve future residents under the theory that growth should pay for growth. PIF's offset the impact, or increased use that new residents will place on the park system and help ensure concurrency, a state growth planning goal. The idea behind concurrency is for roads, parks and other facilities needed to serve growth are built at the same time the growth is occurring, otherwise, the existing infrastructure is overtaxed. An excellent primer on PIF's is provided by the County. Parks are a great thing and usually supported, even in rough times, but the County's proposal to increase the PIF rate is running into stiff opposition. The problem - the County let the PIF rate remain constant for 13 years and is now trying to play catch up proposing to boost the rate by 80% next year, 90% … Read full article >