East County Bridge

With the CRC dead (for now), you knew that it wouldn’t be long until another bridge proposal came up. With Clark County Commissioner David Madore leading the way, Clark County residents are being called on yet again to give an advisory vote on whether they would like a third bridge built. The kicker – the question will be phrased “not do you want a bridge built” but “do you want a bridge without a toll built.” A free bridge? Why would anyone say no to that – anything to relieve the traffic on I-205 and I-5. Don’t let the “no toll” language fool you though as per the Columbian, FIGG Engineering Group, he company behind the proposal being discussed, “has floated the possibility of adding tolls to the bridge as a way of financing it.”

Madore provides little detail, but makes lots of promises, including that the bridge could be completed in 5 years – representations questioned by the Vancouver City Council.

More and better bridges are needed, but the merit of this proposal cannot be determined until more detail is forthcoming.

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