New Oregon Law on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Impacts Owners’ Associations

A new Oregon law, HB 3301, allows the installation and use of electric vehicle charging stations for personal non‐commercial use in homes in subdivisions and parking areas in condo’s, even if the subdivision/condo’s declaration or bylaws contain contrary provisions.
Prior to installation, a COA/HOA may require that a homeowner apply for permission to the HOA/COA, with the Association’s ability to withhold permission limited to a narrow scope of items, including the ability to require that the charging station meet the community’s architectural standards, all work is performed by licensed contractors/electricians, that the homeowner cover all costs of the installation and use, and such other reasonable restrictions on the installation and use of the charging station imposed by the Association that do not significantly increase the cost of the charging station or significantly decrease the efficiency or performance of the charging station.
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