Renter’s Insurance – Can Your Lease Require it?

The Oregon Legislature answered this question in its last session via Senate Bill 91 which allows landlords to  require  tenants  to  obtain  and  maintain  renter’s  liability  insurance with limitations.

One potential problem in the bill is a limitation that insurance may not be required if the household  income  of  the  tenant  is  less  than  50%  of  the  area  median income, which many landlords of small units will not readily know.

Landlords would be advised to look through the 32 pages of the bill, as included among them are restrictions that prevent landlords from considering (a) prior  eviction action(s)  when  evaluating  an  applicant  if  such  action(s) was dismissed or (b) certain previous arrests if the arrest did not result in a conviction.



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